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Anderson (2007) claims, “The technological innovations, improved surgical techniques, and revolutions in drug therapies presented another problem: The field of medical ethic, or bioethics as it is now called, had to undergo radical change to keep pace with improvements in diagnosis and patient care” (Anderson, 2007, p. 262). Technology unquestionably created changes in every area of our lives, particularly throughout the last two hundred years, and in no industry is that more clear than the field of medicine. Throughout this time, machines began to assume a bigger role as innovators improved and invented better approaches to diagnose illness and treat wounds. As healthcare continues to evolve, so does restorative technology, and its use in …show more content…

With HIV being a major global epidemic, we are still seeing high numbers and new cases arise every year. In the twentieth century the syndrome was the most famous epidemic and still is considered to be so today with many people dying from the disease. In the healthcare community the top priority for HIV/ AIDS for both periods have been prevention and access to treatment. Researchers continue to push forward toward a cure for this epidemic as they did in the twentieth century through clinical trials and exploration. We also see similarities when it comes to the cost of health care treatment. We are still seeing today how health care is a distress to many people who are not able to afford it just as it was prohibitive to persons without medical insurance in the past (Anderson, 2007).

The medical advancements and “improvements in twentieth century medicine involved inventions of a vast number of technologies and medical equipment for diagnosis and treatment (Anderson, 2007. p 268). These medical advancements certainly influenced health and medicine today. Technological improvements made it possible for physicians to provide medical care and more accurately diagnosis illnesses and trauma with less-invasive methods. “The accelerated growth of computer technology that began in the 1970s has paved the way for many dramatic changes in medicine (Bartkowki &

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