Twitter And Its Effect On Our Lives

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According to the news website Business Insider, Twitter is one of the fastest ways to get breaking news ranging from local incidents to national and international events. The use of Twitter is also a great way to communicate with renowned people like Hollywood celebrities, athletes, business and political leaders. People mostly use Facebook, Instagram, and other social networking sites to connect and interact with family and friends through the use of pictures, videos, and status updates. On the other hand, people tend to use Twitter to share brief and concise ideas and topics. Twitter is a free and easy to use service that you can use in a variety of ways. This social networking service helps you express your own ideas, inform people about developing news, or ask for a personal advice. I would like to guide you through the steps of how to start using Twitter. In order to navigate Twitter, you must select an electronic device with reliable internet access to create a Twitter account and learn how to browse Twitter’s interface. From here on, you can compose and share a “tweet”, which is a brief message of no more than 140 words. To quickly start using Twitter, you have to first choose an electronic device to access Twitter’s official website. Once you choose either a desktop computer, notebook laptop, or any other mobile devices such as a smartphone or tablet, you can access Twitter via Next, you must sign up and create an account to enjoy all the

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