Two Forms Of Government : Imperial And Constitutional Government

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A government is an institution that governs an organized community. These institutions have the authority to make decisions for the society on policies affecting the maintenance of order and the achievement of certain goals. In a broad sense, they handle legislative, executive, and judiciary matters for their community. Throughout history, many civilizations had different forms of government. These include theocracy, democracy, dictatorships, and so forth. However, there are two particular forms of government that stood out amongst the rest: imperial and constitutional governments. These two are notable because they appeared many times in history, showing how prominent they were back then. Today, only the constitutional governments remain relevant because of certain factors leading to an end of imperialism. Before anything else, there is a clear distinction between imperial and constitutional governments. An imperial government upholds the ideals of an empire. It is powerful in international politics, rule over wide territories and diverse peoples, and is not democratic (Tusan, Models of Empire: Case of Eurasia, September 6th). An example of this would be the British Empire in North America. Here, a central government rule over an aggregate of peoples. The British monarch and parliament sent colonists to the North America continent and set up colonies there. Then, they have begun exploiting these territories and people in favor of Great Britain like imposing heavy taxes

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