Two Major Components Of Health And Health In Sociology

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Chapter 19 in the textbook Sociology A Down to Earth Approach focuses around two main points Medicine and Health. Medicine and health are two key components that care dependent on each other. Without medicine health becomes poor and disease can spread and without health issues there would not be any medicine to be made. In Sociology scientists see how medicine and health affect each other and who tends to have the benefit of both.
In the world there are three components of health physical mental and social. These three major components tie into each other each component affecting the other. Culture can have a huge role in defining health. For example in a South American tribe t there is a skin infection that almost everyone in the village has. In fact this skin disease is so common that the ones who don't have it are seen as the unhealthy ones. This can be seen in other places around the world and shows us that our lifestyle and our culture determines whether we are sick or unhealthy. This leads us to our next topic, the sick role.
Talcott Parsons is a functionalist who was the first one to analyse the sick role. Parsons pointed out the four elements of the sick role. The first role the person who is sick is exempt from "normal" social roles.This role can depend on the severity of the illness and the "legitimation" of sickness protects the equilibrium of society. The second role sick persons are not responsible for their condition. The persons willpower is not enough to

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