Types Of Memory And Memory Essay

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Have you ever had an eventful story of your childhood that you seem to always retell every time you meet someone new? That is because you are able to access the memory of the event in your mind that was stored in your long term memory. There are three different types of memory each one having a different purpose. First being the long term memory which stores memory’s for long periods of time. Next is short term memory also known as working memory which only last for an estimated 15-30 seconds. Finally is sensory memory which is the ability to remember sensory information. Throughout time it has been constantly said that women have better memory than men. In order to gain a better understanding between the difference of gender and memory multiple tests have been conducted. With regard to memory this study is focused primarily but not limited to short term memory. Short term memory meaning the capacity to store a minimal amount of information for a short period of time. Conductive to this study the research covers a large array of different tests in order to determine which gender has the superior memory. These multiple test includes but isn’t limited to test discerning faces of people of different and same races, telling apart different shapes, words, and figures, as well as determine object location through memory. Each group was tested based off of their memory and their ability to recall what they were shown. Thus given the results of these multiple studies we are able to
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