Types Of Strokes : A Cerebral Vascular Accident

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A stroke is also known as a cerebral vascular accident. This is a silent disease. “A cerebral vascular accident or stroke, occurs when there is a sudden death of some brain cells due to the lack of oxygen; when the blood flow to the brain is impaired by blockage or rupture of an artery to the brain.” There are two different types of strokes. First you can have a blockage of blood flow which can cause a person to have a stroke. Or, you could have a bleeding vessel in your brain or around the area of your brain. A blockage in your brain consists of a vessel being clogged causing blood flow to stop, with this being left alone, and not taken care of it can burst and cause a stroke to occur. Bleeding in the brain is not good either. If a vessel breaks, the blood will just fill in the empty spaces of your brain. Both types of strokes are very dangerous and if someone shows any sign of a stroke they should be seen immediately by a doctor. There are several signs that someone has had a stroke. Some of the common signs that I could think of are one side of the body has been affected. A person’s face could droop to one side, you could experience numbness in your body, muscle strength is often decreased when someone has had a stroke. Falling is also a sign of a possible stroke. I didn’t realize that your vision could be affected by this disease turns out that it can be. Through my research I discovered that the factors that could lead to a stroke were pretty basic. Age is a factor

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