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The U.S.A is regarded as one of the countries with the best education systems, in fact, it is for this reason that there is a continuous growth in the number of international students seeking to study in America. Below you’ll find 10 things to remember when applying for American universities in Nigeria.
1. Limit your search
You can find over 2,000 Universities in the U.S., so limiting your search can present you with an improved chance of having admitted. It will also save you lots of time and confusion. Decide whether you wish to study in the east or even the west coast or locations the climate is much more familiar to you personally. This is also a crucial consideration when cost is concerned.
Tuition prices are much higher in big, …show more content…

This is especially true if you 're thinking about a degree in areas like business, IT or engineering.

3. Include less selective schools
About a twenty-five percent of your university target schools should be those that are less selective with regards to admissions of international students. You should find this by researching about the minimum scores they require on admissions tests. Sure, famous and well-known schools are always a good choice, but competition is very tough regardless whether you 're an international student or you aren 't.
4. Consider cost
Getting a college degree from among the best universities in the world can be really expensive. An undergraduate institution can account to this by at least $15,000 to as much as $45,000, including room, board and tuition. If you 're getting a graduate education, expect the price being even higher.
It could also be difficult to get funding for international students since most of the loans, scholarships and grants are to college students who are already in the USA. Don 't depend on getting a job on US soil to fund your school fees, since there are restrictions in employing foreigners. On-campus jobs can be nearly impossible to find and they don 't pay much. Expect a maximum of $2,000 on the regular school year with an on-campus job.
5. Take tests
Another major consideration for international students is admissions testing. Every university has its own set of tests and standards which an international

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