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Zhanglin Liu
SOCI 153
31 October 2015
The Most Segregated One in the U.S.
The United States is a country of freedom, of liberty; it attracts many immigrants to crossed seas and rivers and set their feet on this land. People came for the diversities of job opportunities and a fresh life. For example, there was a worker agreement called Bracero Program that offered legal immigration status to Mexicans workers in America. However, after the termination of this program, immigrants still find ways to come and stay illegally because the need is still there. Surprisingly, the continuing migration created another minority group in the U.S. Most Americans do not care about how segregated these people are, but we have to understand that these people do affect our country. We all live in the same nation; our lives interconnect with each other. Regarding the minority groups, many think of blacks as they received the most racial segregation; yet the poverty between Latinos and blacks are different. Although both groups experienced similar social stigmatization, social isolation, and social immobility, black poverty is caused by historical discrimination and the economic shift; yet for Latinos, the leading cause is the anti-immigrant laws. Even though both Latinos and blacks are being stigmatized in the American society, factors that lead to this was different. Many people prejudge blacks as criminals and associate them with drugs, violence, and irresponsible characters because people

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