US Immigration Policy Essay

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Beginning in 1994 (the year the Mexican peso was devalued) the federal government presented the United States Customs and Border Protection National Strategic Plan. A plan to securitize US borders in several stages, the National Strategic Plan’s mission was to “control the borders of the United States, restoring our Nation’s confidence in the integrity of the border. A well managed border will enhance national security and safeguard our immigration heritage.” With reference to my previous findings, it is not surprising that CBP would seek to perpetuate the exclusionary, whitewashed nature of US immigration policy. Indeed, it gives purchase to my argument that the migrant poses a threat to the future identity and security of the state. What is surprising, however, is the strategy devised to ensure this. …show more content…

This provided for increased personnel and fencing along the US-Mexican border. Operation Safeguard quintupled the number of Border Patrol officers in urban areas such as San Diego in an attempt to "redirect illegal crossings away from urban areas near the Nogales port of entry to open areas that the Border Patrol can easily control". In addition, three hundred miles of border wall and fencing we constructed along the border: up to the very edges of the Tohono O’Odham Reservation and the surrounding Sonoran Desert. Their intentions in redirecting traditional migration routes were very plain. “The prediction,” CBP stated in their Strategic Plan, “is that with traditional entry and smuggling routes disrupted, illegal traffic will be deterred, or forced over more hostile terrain, less suited for crossing and more suited for

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