UW Psych Classroom Observation

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My participants are UW( Seattle campus) current undergraduate students, about 300 people in total, half female and half male. There is with no limitation of their countries or religions, from freshmen to senior, age range is 18-22. I will choose my participants 1\3 (about 100 people, so 50 female 50 male) from UW Psych class, 1\3 from Bio class, 1\3 from other class’ volunteer that sign up by themselves. All participants are volunteers, they are self selected; for students who are in Psych and Bio class, they sign up to participant by UW canvas or go to talk to their instructors. My team and I will go to each different lecture and describe our study to all potential participants, then stay in touch with each instructor, if students participated…show more content…
Participants will be divided into 2 groups by computer random selecting their participants ID, which is also random assigned, sleep group and non-sleep group. Sleep group will sleep exactly one hour, non-sleep group will do exactly nothing in that one hour. Each group has 150 participants, 75 male and 75 female each. Also, in same group, for example, in sleep group, there will be 75 male, so 25 of them will be selected by researchers by random selection from psych class, 25 from bio class, and the rest of 25 should be from other class. Now everyone has equal chance and equal…show more content…
If student was out of his real sleep stage, time will be stopped by researchers; when he back to sleep stage, time recording start again. So for sleeping group, the actual time that they are lying is longer than 1 hour. When they fulfil their one hour sleep, researchers will wake them up and give them test. There are 25 question about their material, each question is about the list and it’s order. After finishing the test, researchers will grade them, and tell them their grades. For non-sleep group, researchers will be around them and make sure students are not sleeping. To reduce third variables, researchers will make sure students in non- sleep group is doing nothing during one hour, just sitting, watching nothing, doing nothing, no very much energy consume, no more information received. In this one hour, the only thing that non-sleep group could do is thinking, no conversation. After one hour, researchers will also give them exams like sleep group, then grade
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