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Module 2 assignment
1. Describe Ugandan cultural attributes that might affect the operations of a foreign company doing business there.

Uganda is located in the center of Africa, having a population of 25 million people. The official language is English, but many of the people speak Bantu or Nilotic languages. Two thirds of the population is Christians, split about evenly between Roman Catholics and
Anglicans, with a large number of Muslims and other various animistic religions. Some cultural attributes that could get in the way is the language. Having foreigners come into the country to work can prove difficult in communication since not everyone speaks the same language.
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72) and Geocentrism “which integrates company and host-country practices as well as some entirely new ones.”(Daniel & Radenbaugh, pg. 74) Geocentrism requires companies to balance informed knowledge of their own organizational cultures with home and host. I would say that
Green is ethnocentric and Martin is polycentric. Green is ethnocentric due to the fact that he knows his company is driven by the philosophy and values of founder and current CEO,
Lawrence Lovell. He is a devoted Christian and believes strongly that business activities should embody Christian values. Green is concerned that Martins lifestyle is inconsistent with HG’s culture. He is also concerned that even though Martin’s ways are normal and legal in Uganda, they are not the practices of the U.S. based company and are considered unethical.. Green is also concerned with the impact of Martin’s handing out of tips will become public knowledge in the International World and possibly the hiring of close relatives to the government could cause more extortion. Martin is polycentric due to he has always been fascinated with Africa and its culture and studied this country in college. Martin believes in not drawing attention to oneself and has learned to respect their culture. He has always shown interest in working in Africa when he was hired and even when HG

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