Ugly Smile Research Paper

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Ugly Smiles When you look at most individual’s smiles your first reaction usually ends with, “wow you have a really nice smile” or something in the nature. If you scratch beneath the surface on average you would be disappointed with your outcome. Having a healthy mouth doesn’t come from just brushing daily and flossing but what you consuming in your mouth is what truly matters. Fluoride toothpaste has been one of the top popular choices of today’s society and also one of the most toxic. On the other hand you have organic products which does the body better than what you been told growing up. Fluoride could be responsible for acne in some cases. While contributing to low I.Q., bone fractures, disrupts immune system, Arthritis, Muscle disorder, increases aging process, damages sperm and increases infertility. Even though fluoride is a cumulative Poison there are …show more content…

From there it goes to your body’s cellular tissues. 50 percent of fluorides you ingest get excreted by your kidneys. Fluoride binds itself to magnesium, selenium, Vitamin C in your blood stream so your calcium presence in your body won’t seek calcium rich tissues which makes the body. You should want to understand what your voluntary doing to yourself; Organic will give you the path to more than a beautiful smile but an actual healthy mouth. Some way to transitioning to Organic products would be sea salt which helps prevent bad breath strengthen teeth, protect against tarter. Both Baking soda and Hyalogen Peroxide gives you a whiter smile but baking soda also removing plague deposit from teeth. Oral irrigation is a process in cleaning your gums. Dry brushing or using pure water is helpful with the process. Coconut oil would have to be the best quality of nature because it’s an antifungal and antibacterial. Coconut oil can also keep colds at bay, help exhaustion, and glow to

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