Ultrasound Images Of The Patients Suffering From Cholelithiasis

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Abstract-This paper presents the approach to analyze the ultrasound images of the patients suffering from Cholelithiasis. The occurrence of Cholelithiasis is the commonest biliary disease to be reported in India. Our research is aimed to apply the potential of image processing in diagnosing the presence of gall bladder stones. In this paper we propose a technique, a combination of preprocessing morphological techniques and Entropy calculation of the pixels representing gallstones in the gall bladder.

Keywords-Cholelithiasis, entropy calculation, image processing, morphological techniques, preprocessing
Gallstone diseases are one of the most common biliary diseases, demanding a great progress in understanding the gallstones. The historical background of Cholelithiasis helps the researchers for easy classification of Gallstones. According to Japanese, there are two types of Gallstones are widely discussed: the Cholesterol stone, which is further of three types, the Pure Cholesterol stone, the Combination stone and the Mixed stone. Second is the Pigment stone, which is further classified as the Black stone and the Calcium Bilirubinate stone. The division line between Cholesterol and the pigment stones depends upon the proportion of Cholesterol. If the proportion of cholesterol is equal to or more than 70% then the stone is a Cholesterol stone; otherwise the stone is a pigment stone with calcium bilirubinate as its principal constituent. The purpose of this
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