Ultrasound Technician Research Paper

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I want to be part of the Ultrasound program because I realized that where I’m from people don’t consider going into a major like this. I was raised to become a doctor or a nurse it was either of those or your family will be disappointed. I looked at how many doctors and nurses my community has but rarely any ultrasound technicians. I also like to travel to different parts of the world and I would love to have those skills as a ultrasound technician to help those women who are unable to afford to go to a clinic to see if their baby is in good condition. A woman should never have to choose between making a decision about losing her kid, I want to be able to help those women that are struggling daily whether their baby has a health condition or even letting the parents know their baby gender.…show more content…
My aunt just recently had twins and it was wonderful seeing the lady rub her stomach and telling my aunt she was having twins the smile she had on her face just made me wonder how wonderful it is to share great news with others. That’s when I got on the website watched some YouTube videos about the program and I did a compare and contrast between the program I was interested in and it came down to that the ultrasound program as I mentioned earlier it was rare in my community, I could make a big difference and lead many into this
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