Unbroken Movie Analysis

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Throughout the duration of both of the World Wars, soldiers from every perspective of each war endured many physical and moral challenges that tested their limits of survival. With various technological advancements changing the art of war, influence to the wars’ outcomes was inevitable. The amount of danger and challenges that the soldiers faced increased greatly. Fear struck into the hearts of the men using tactics developed year by year in the early 20th century; warfare would never be the same as it was before the wars. Examinations between the movies War Horse, directed by Stephen Spielberg, and Unbroken, directed by Angelina Jolie, depict many of the same aspects of surviving the hardships of war the protagonists endure in each movie…show more content…
Albert finds himself facing the terrible conditions of trench warfare during World War I, storming into no man’s land along with his fellow soldiers to almost certain death, the officers shooting anyone who they found returning to the trenches after going over the top. Frighteningly encountering for the first time the widespread use of chemical warfare in the trenches with poison gas, as well as the fear factor that comes with coming face to face with some of the first tanks seen in combat (Jolie). While stranded in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, suffering from the effects of dehydration and the sun constantly beaming down, Louis and his crew members all day, as well as the cold chill during the night along with the dangerous creatures that lurk near their life raft. Captured by the Japanese, he and another crew member are beat and starved by the Japanese soldiers until moving to military POW camps where they would remain until the war came to an end, suffering beatings and intense physical labor and punishments (Spielberg). Hardships and sacrifices are sure to come from entering any war, circumstances and experiences for each soldier will be vary immensely as is such with war. Yet the way in which the soldiers approach their reason to make it through the war will be almost identical as shown by
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