Unconscious Is One Of The Unsolved Mysteries Within The

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Unconscious is one of the unsolved mysteries within the counseling field. Some believe it exists and others do not. Some believe it affects the human mind and others believe it has no influence on the human mind. I am convinced that unconscious exists and plays a role in our actions, behaviors, thoughts, and our decision-making. If it did not exist how would we explain the part of the mind that is unreachable and incomprehensible yet, has a tremendous effect on our behavior and emotions. Most would agree that if one takes on an action, adapts a certain behavior or makes a certain statement they are completely aware of it. However, there are cases where people are in fact unaware and don’t know why they have chosen such actions and made…show more content…
A person should also be respectful and docile ready to accept instructions as well as accepting what people do to them without always reacting. We cannot control people. It should be this way to prevent becoming proud and not being to accept valuable instructions because we believe we know it all. We will never know it all, as we are constantly developing as human beings. Once a person can be taught, discipline can now take place. Discipline using reinforcement to reward good behavior and sometimes punishment to correct disobedience is not a bad thing. If it used to correct unhealthy behaviors that take away from a person fully experiencing life it is moral. It is significant because a person can be in any environment and still thrive because of discipline which eventually becomes a habit. Once something becomes a habit it becomes a part of you unconsciously. For example, if you’re a person who wants to make healthy choices you can train yourself in making those choices or if you want to practice being kind you can do so until it integrates becomes a part of you. Important roles a counselor should take in therapy is to help the client recognize that wrong behaviors need to be addressed and corrected as soon as they appear. If problem areas are not addressed it can continue to create negative feelings and no real work can take place. The role of the counselor should also involve a deep level of understanding the client as well as building a trusting relationship with
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