Understand How to Assess Information and Knowledge Needs Essay

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Cheryl Codrington Report To: the Managing Director of Oxford Business College Aims: My aim of this report is to demonstrate an understanding of how important it is to assess the best approach to managing communications information and knowledge needs; using an examination of a range of decision-making examples used within the Oxford Business College. There is a need for the approach to be logical and systematic because it helps to address the critical elements that result in good decision making. By being organised, you are less likely to miss important values; one can then build on the identified approach to make the decisions better, mainly by being aware of what the organisation aims to achieve. Oxford Business …show more content…

This is important so that knowledge isn't lost or corrupted and that everyone knows what is going on within the college. For instance, if the receptionist who deals with the courier and stationary service goes on holiday, off sick, or leaves the organisation, how can the other staff deal with the urgent requirements? To manage this situation it is crucial that information is distributed to the staff members that are likely to be using this service. The key difference between knowledge and information is that knowledge gives us the power to take action. The college business works through consistent performance and profitable growth, just like any organisation for which strategic and tactical information play a crucial role. Both of these are very distinct yet inseparable. The Tactical vs. Strategic information is about how the organisation plans their strategy according to their needs and requirements. It refers to what the organisation wants to achieve in the short or long term. The following input is conducted to formulate the strategic information of Oxford Business College, by using practical information for example: Strategically: Oxford Business College's manager had to look at the strategic market to see if a

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