Competitive Advantage In Omantel

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Omantel is an organization which is pioneer of the telecommunication industry in the Oman. It is the main internet provider in the Oman and it has market leadership position in the market. The government of the country has 51% share in the company. The company has formed itself a major global hub through presently 10 submarine cables landing in the country such as PLAG, EPEG, Mena, POI, OMRAN, BBG, GBI, Falcon, EIG, and TWA etc. The company designed a project in the 2015 for the application of the FTTH type of technology in the Oman and for this the company won award for the best maintenance of the quality for the HR in the company (Omantel, 2017).
Strategic planning plays a crucial role in the successful journey of the companies and it open new roads of opportunities and success for the business organizations. The business organizations focus mainly on secrecy of the strategies from all within or outside the organization for raising the level of successful achievement of the goals of the company. Different companies choose different means of strategic planning as some companies keep the strategies secret even from the middle and lower management and only senior …show more content…

The company attains the strategic advantage by having that information that other in the industry desires to know as the rivals in the industry always search for the competitive data and this help in getting the competitive advantage by the company. The competitors of the Omantel desire to know the strategies that help the company to provide low rates to the customers and attain the cost leadership in the industry. So, in this way by keeping the strategies secret the Omantel maintain the market leadership position in the industry and is operating successfully in the highly uncertain and dynamic business environment (Maguire & Said,

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