Understanding Evidence-Based Public Health Strategies Essay

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Introduction In this assignment the author is going to be explaining what public health is and describing the key aspects of public health strategies. P1 Public health is all about preventing disease and prolonging life through the use of promotions of services which are provided by the government to ensure the publics health. The NHS is an example of a service which is provided for the public for their health by the government. The official definition of public health is ‘the science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life, and promoting health through the organised efforts of society’ BTEC National Health and Social Care, Book 2, Stretch, B, Whitehouse, B, page115 Most individuals see public health being about disease and illness…show more content…
There are five main key aspects to public health when implementing strategies to improve the health of the public. Monitoring the health status of the public. Monitoring the health status of the public is done through collecting data from a variety of sources through doctors, hospitals or sales etc. this data is collected locally and nationally and produced as statistics. This process allows us to notice how the health is of the public and if anything needs implementing due to there being a concern at that present time or if there are patterns and trends which could potentially be a health issue/concern or threats. An example of monitoring the health status of the population both national and local is smoking. The national statistics of the population smoking in the UK is 27% the local area of Leeds statistics of that area of smoking is 30% both Leeds as an area and nationally realised there needs to be something done to reduce the amount of individuals smoking and both have decided to put strategies into place to decrease the amount of smoking to 21% the realisation of theses statistics is that Leeds as an area has a higher statistic then the national statistic of smoking. Identifying the heath needs of the population Identifying the health needs of the population is when the health issue is identified and an assessment is
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