Understanding How Technology is Changing Relationships Essay

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In our culture, technology serves as an instrumental aspect of our lives. Regardless of where you turn, you are constantly surrounded by technology. Whether it is our cellphones that spend their entire lives within an arm’s reach of us, our computers, or the newest wave of technology that is moving us towards tablets, much of our life is lived in front of screens. With these advancements comes the notion that there is an application that can solve every life problem we may have. Thanks to technological advancements like text messaging or social media networks, there are plenty of ways a relationship can be sustained for a significant period without personal contact. Unfortunately, most people have a misconstrued belief that these …show more content…
Furthermore, if the information sought is not easily available online, one can message the person of interest or friends of the person from an anonymous account and likely get a response.
The purpose of this paper is to see what impact technology is having on the successfulness of relationships. This paper will primarily focus on studies that have been conducted that test the sense of intimacy in various setting while also examines qualitative research that has been conducted on this issue. As technology continues to advance, the research conducted on this issue must continue to advance as well and so, at the end of this paper, a request for further research will be presented.
There are many variable associated with this research project that must be properly explained before delving into discussing the research that has been conducted on this topic. For the research I gathered, the generally applied definition for technology is any device or network that allows individuals to communicate with having to be in person. This definition primarily includes items such as cell-phones, computers, laptops, tablets, and webcams but also includes non-physical items like social media sites including facebook, twitter, and instagram. This definition of technology is further broadened to include online dating websites such as eHarmony, Match.com, and Yahoo! Personal. Also important to this paper is
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