Understanding Infant's Crying

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By Jonas Wilson, Ing. Med. How to understand your baby’s crying? Babies, like all of us, have needs and wants. However, they are unable to communicate these in manner that older children and adults do. Thus, they use their most basic, yet effective, means of communicating their wishes – crying. Infants need to eat, sleep, be kept comfortable and healthy. In addition to these, they require attention as well as affection and have emotions like anyone else. In order to understand an infant’s crying, parents and caregivers must first know the reasons why these precious beings cry and the differences in crying for different purposes. Decoding the signals Babies are individuals. Something that upsets one child, may not bother another, but all at some point will cry for one reason or the other. It’s crucial that parents take time to pay attention to their babies, because in doing so, they’ll be quicker able to identify and understand why their infants cry. Changes in a baby mood, although difficult to detect at times, can be used to preemptively avoid crying spells. For instance, an infant may be like clockwork with his or her daily nap and feeding routine, allowing parents to ‘prepare’ in advance. …show more content…

While at first, to the untrained ear, all cries may sound the same, parents soon begin to notice subtle differences in their children’s cries. A hungry child may cry differently to a child who is sleepy or in pain. Differences in cry may be noted based on pitch, level, intensity and duration of the

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