Understanding Information Security Attacks And Security Awareness

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Understanding Information Security Attacks and Security Awareness in an Organization

Roshan Dhakal 11407004
(Doctor of Information Technology, Charles Sturt University)

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In today’s information technology age, many organizations are facing the security attacks. These kinds of attacks occur to two different forms which can be classified as external attacks and internal attacks. Organizations can mitigate the external attacks of implementing firewall, anti-virus and other defense perimeters but internal attacks are even hard to identify. Internal attacks take place in terms of employees negligence in their work performance, theft and stealing the organizational assets and selling to competitors, script kiddies, eaves dropping and spying other employees, etc. Even latest technologies are not being able to identify and detect those types of attacks. Therefore organizations have to implement security education, awareness and training program to educate the internal employees to minimize the risk of insider attacks. This paper further discuss about how security education, training and awareness program helps to mitigate the insider attacks and why it is important to organization.

Keywords:- Security Education, Training and Awareness Program, Internal and
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