Understanding My Personal Supervisory Platform

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There are assumptions made in education and about education everyday. Many times these assumptions can hinder the educational progress for schools, teachers, and students alike, because not everyone has the same views about education and all of its components. Therefore, in order to fully understand my personal supervisory platform, one first needs to understand the assumptions that influence my own perspectives on supervision and evaluation.
For example, in regards to education, I believe that an equal education should be provided to every child, regardless of location, socioeconomic status, gender, ethnicity, or age. I also believe that education is about more than just making sure children gain the knowledge and skills they need to …show more content…

I believe that effective teaching should focus on implementing higher-order thinking skills, project-based learning opportunities, collaborative experiences, open-ended explorations, technology-embedded activities, and even flipped classrooms. Teachers need to be constantly reflective and flexible, while using a variety of teaching strategies, so they can adjust their teaching and be able to make a plan that will to meet the diverse needs of all students and encourage students to be active partners in the process.
In addition, I think many people often underestimate students because they see them as “just kids”, so they set low expectations. But I believe that all students are capable of being problem-solvers and successful independent thinkers. Therefore, students should be provided tools at their disposal to assist them in this. Students need classrooms where higher-order thinking is encouraged and provided. In regards to learning, many people have the assumption that the answer to a problem is more important that the process itself. But I strongly support learning to involve as much hands-on and first-hand experience as possible for all ages of students. Teachers need to provoke learning though problem solving, interacting with others, and encouraging students to ask and answer their own questions. Those, in a nutshell, are the major assumptions that influence my perspective on supervision and

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