Understanding Organization And Management : Leadership And Teamwork

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Understanding Organisation and Management Leadership and teamwork INTRODUCTION During the three seminars we have been through, we observed and studied the way groups interact, evolve and how they deal with leadership. Indeed, despite the fact that leadership and teamwork have different benefits and purposes, they are strongly connected in some domains including business. Generally, groups share a communication network and a sense of collective identity and goals. The larger the group, the greater number of possible relationships within it and the more complex its structure for successful operation. This is why talking about the group we constituted during this module, a whole class or a medium-sized company is a completely different…show more content…
Selling Supervisors give more information, and are encouraging and supporting with the subordinates that have learned the bases but cannot work yet without coaching. The two theories linked The group Development The adapted leadership style The team members do not know yet exactly what is expected from them. Usually here, the leader adopts a “telling” approach. He/ She also should make sure the members know each other so that they feel comfortable together. As the team begin to work together, they feel more at ease with each other. Some conflicts could then happen because the members feel more comfortable to express their opinions and possible disagreements. In this stage, the “selling” style leadership style is more adapted. A bad leadership during this phase could cause the members to have bad relationships between one another and then lead to incoherent work because of a lack of communication. The members of the team should here begin to enjoy what they are doing and then take some initiatives, trusting gradually each other. The ideal leadership could here correspond to a “participating” style. The leader should nevertheless control the subordinates do not feel too self-satisfied and lose their energy and efficiency. The team developed skills and know its strengths and limitations. They can also solve problems to be efficient on their own. The
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