Understanding The Face Of Christianity

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Secular Humaism states that matter is perpetual, that there is no God, that man and his atmosphere are the results of evolutionary forces. For humanists, all meaning and purpose in human existence is provided on a human scale. Humanists have faith that we can provide all the meaning we need ourselves, from our concerns, out of our own ideas and philosophies. This paper will reinforce how in the face of Christianity these meanings and purposes dissolve into absolute and utter insignificance. Christainity, on the other hand gives a more solid and substanitial foundation in that it teaches the exact opposite of these things. That God is everlasting, man does have an immortal soul, that there is a heaven, hell and a guaranteed and prearranged redemption that lie in wait for him. When it comes to ultimate reality, the secular humanists have self-confidence in evolution, that man, his body, his mind and his soul were not supernaturally designed but are all products of evolution. The biological astetic is central and core to man’s development, orgin and exsistance. This was an spontaneous effect of an impersonal being and structure in which their was no supreme being or diety involved in the creation. However Christians accept as true one Deity whos act of love, created the universe and all things therein. Since it was fashioned in love, everything in creation is virtuous and special to God. Christians accentuate God 's paternal affection in specific, schooling that God formed
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