Understanding The Humanistic Psychology Model Of Teaching

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Activity 4.3- Case Study Veronica Acevedo National University Student’s Name/Grade: Ray, 7th grade Disability designation(s): Social Skills, Mathematics Strengths Needs Interests Ways of Learning • Satisfactory attendance • Good rapport with teacher • Family oriented • Math Support • Social Skills • Memorization strategies • Auditory issues • Mechanics/Fixing his motorcycle • Prefers Spanish over English • Visual Learner • Kinesthetic 1. Model of Teaching. Given the data provided about this student which you summarized in the table in the first prompt, which of the 4 family of models of teaching would you primarily draw upon for help? Why? Support your ideas with citations from your text, Class …show more content…

2. Methodology. Once you have selected a model of teaching, think of the various teaching methodologies presented within this model that would be most effective for the student. (Be sure the methodology you select is from the Model of Teaching you noted in the previous response.) You may want to look up information about each of the methodologies noted in the PowerPoint so you have more information to help you decide. Which methodology would you select? Why? Support your ideas with citations from your text, Class Packet and from other videos and lectures for SPD604. As previously mentioned, I would choose the Humanistic Psychology Model of Teaching which is also associated with Rogers “Child Centered Learning”, to better serve Ray. Child Centered Learning emphasizes the active participation of the student while the teacher takes the role of coach. Essentially the classroom becomes a “collaborative environment, where the students are given choices of how and what they learn, encouraging them to find a direct connection between the instructional material and their own interests and real-world experiences” (Richmond, 2015). Ray is a visual/kinesthetic learner and should be able to use his interests as a motivation to connect curriculum to his own life. He is very interested in motorcycles; it would be useful to tailor a lesson or even an essay topic to encourage him to practice his writing skills. This method also promotes peer learning &

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