Understanding The Importance Of Corporate Communication

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1.0 Understanding the Importance of Corporate Communication:
The companies and the organizations communicate through different kinds of channels. All these are defined under corporate communication. Every single types of communication are important for the organization. But before discussing the importance we have to know what corporate communication is. Corporate communication is a combination of different types of activities that are involved to establish a favorable relation between the stakeholder and the organization. It is very important to make the communication understandable and reliable to the stakeholders so that the massage is delivered can serve the purpose of both parties- organization and stakeholders.
According to Richard R. Dolphin corporate communication is not a technique rather than an approach (The Fundamentals of Corporate Communication, 2009). He stated that the total process of corporate communication has set into a management discipline. He also mentioned that the corporate communication is a process that helps an organization to maintain the consistency of massages that are used for corporate communication and at the same time to ensure the transparency of that massages.
It is very difficult to define corporate communication in a single sentence because of the broad area covered by corporate communication. It is a set of different kinds of formal and informal communication, like management communication, marketing communication, organizational

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