Undertaking An Observation. Over The Years, I Felt That

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Undertaking an Observation
Over the years, I felt that the Starbucks in Allentown seems like a meeting a place for all ages. Why is that though? Before I began this assignment, my hypothesis was that people stay longer in Starbucks because the layout increases customer interactions.
On Saturday, February 11, 2017 between 9:00 AM and 9:45 AM, I completed my observation at the Starbucks Café in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The Starbucks coffee shop is located on Tilghman Street in Allentown, PA is in a small shopping center that includes an AT&T store and Five Guys. It serves many purposes to the customers that arrive for coffee, a specialty drink or something to eat. When I enter, there is no line to order; however, it is already …show more content…

As I took my place in Starbucks, I observed there were three types of customers. The first were those that I identified as, “order and go”. This group of customers knew what they wanted, placed their order and paced within the coffee shop until they heard their name called by the barista. Once called, they quickly collected their order and left without any fanfare. The second group of customers, waited patiently in front of the coffee-making area while their order was prepared for them. One customer began eating the food he had ordered, while most of them were conversing with other patrons about the weather and recent snowstorm. However, once their order was ready and their name called they picked up their order and left, not before wishing the other patrons a “good day”. The final group of customers I observed was the find a seat. This group could be seen right away. As this group entered the Starbucks, they checked to see if seats were available, and either reserved it prior to placing their order with a bag or article of clothing. If it was a party of two, someone from their party took a seat to reserve a place for them. This group was very diverse. It ranged from a father and son having breakfast, a group of older adults catching up on old times, who started many of their conversations with “remember when…” In addition, the customers that were sitting on the sofa and large chairs were all working on a variety of different

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