Uniden Udr444 Pros And Cons

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The Uniden UDR444 Guardian 4.3-Inch Video Surveillance System is an advanced security surveillance system that operates through wireless connectivity and has two cameras. The are many key features of this security system is that device can be used discreetly for monitoring the home or office.

Both cameras have a night vision and recording range of 40 feet as well as built in microphones. When compared with other security devices on the market the Uniden UDR444 has many technical features that many other security systems are lacking.

There are also many other optional features. These include, tuning in and watching live footage via skype as well as the ability to record 12 hours continuously. The user has the option to change from manual to automatic recording and can even schedule recording times.

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On the 4.3 Inch color monitor provided, the resolution of the images is very clear. We foudn that the larger the screen size the grainer the pictures became. With the ability to connect the cameras through a television, if you have a large screen then the videos will become grainy.

There is also the option to zoom in on videos and images and the power cord which comes with the product is 72inches long.

Pros of Uniden UDR444

Very affordable price and great value for money
Built in microphones enable for both video and audio captures
Ability to add on 2 more cameras to the system if desired
Record in low (320x240) or high (640 x480) quality. This is great if you are away and want to record the whole time
Two cameras can capture videos up to 40 feet away
Very easy set up. Cameras and monitor are already paired making this set much simpler
Wireless transmission up to 500 feet. Footage video via the color monitor
Remote viewing via Skype or USB
Ability to monitor up to 4 cameras on the screen or just one
Con of Uniden

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