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PSYC-101 – General Psychology Chapter 7 Homework: Learning (20 points) Below are the questions you must answer for the Chapter 7 homework. All questions are worth 1 point except for the short answer. The homework must be done on a word processor. Your answers should be in your own words. Copying directly from the textbook without proper citation is plagiarism. 1. Which of the following best describes how classical conditioning might be used to treat a fear of heights? a. A therapist explains to her patient that her fear of heights is irrational. b. A therapist allows her patient access to a video game only if he can relax himself. c. A therapist shows her patient a video of a person standing on the observation deck of…show more content…
This schedule of reinforcement is the logic behind factory piecework, where workers are paid by the number of items produces rather than the number of hours worked. a. Fixed-interval b. Fixed-ratio c. Variable-interval d. Variable-ratio 7. This learning phenomenon, which involves observation of rewarding or punishing consequences experienced by others, serves much the same function as being rewarded or punished oneself: a. Passive conditioning b. Vicarious conditioning c. Second-order conditioning d. Classical conditioning 8. Pavlov found that if he allowed his animals to rest for several hours following the extinction of a behavior, the conditioned response would spontaneously appear again upon re-presentation of the conditioned stimulus – although in a somewhat weaker form. This is called: a. Discrimination b. Generalization c. Spontaneous recovery d. Second-order conditioning 9. The “positive” and “negative” terms applied to reinforcement and punishment refer to: a. Whether a consequence is good or bad b. Whether something is added or removed as a consequence c. Whether a consequence adds or subtracts from behavior d. Whether a consequence is concrete or abstract 10. Slot machine players do not typically pause for rest following reinforcement, but rather, they continue to respond at high rates to reach the next pay-off. The schedule of reinforcement in effect here is:

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