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Unit 538: Manage Domiciliary Services

As a healthcare provider we have to ensure we have the correct amount of staff as well as staff with the right skill set and qualifications on shift which meets the needs of the people we are supporting.
We do this by implementing standards from the beginning which includes the recruitment process.
Our recruitment is robust but is constantly changing to ensure potential new staff are people that is right to be in healthcare, someone can fail at any time of the recruitment process. Our recruitment process includes:
1. Telephone Interview
2. Face to face Interview
3. 2 Day mandatory Training
4. Induction and final interview
5. 12 weeks probation
Indicators that a potential new member of staff can …show more content…

They understand what motivates each individual client
And many more reasons.
Each individual client has a series of risk assessments completed for the commencement of support package. This will include, medication, mobility, feeding, personal care as well as the immediate environment that the support worker will be working in. Depending on the individual client will determine how many members of staff will be required. This can depend on their mobility, their mental health, support in the community. If we feel that a package requires a different amount of staff to what is stated from for instance the social worker, we will go back to them and state our findings, but a package will not start until we have the correct amount of staff on each shift, as we need to keep both the client and our staff safe from injury and harm as well as the community too.
I have a completed risk assessment attached with this document all personal details have been removed.
E-Spire Health care have clear recruitment guidelines in place which all office staff know and understand and all abide by. No member of staff can commence with any shadow and induction shifts until we have on file:
1. Phone Interview
2. Face to Face Interview
3. 2 Day Mandatory Training
4. Induction and Final Interview
5. DBS
6. 2 references
7. Staff Members folder signed off by either myself or the director Carl Boulton.
We have a excel document which is kept up to date of any potential member of staff

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