Unit One Writing Assignment : Challenges And Diversity In The Workplace

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Unit One Writing Assignment 2
Crystal R. Dockery
MSL 660
September 2, 2017
Lorna-Michel Wright, D.B.A. UNIT ONE WRITING ASSISGNMENT 2 According to Zigarelli (2008), “there are some powerful obstacles that prevent our Sunday responses from becoming our Monday reality. Some of these are work environment obstacles, others are internal to us, but each obstacle relegates God’s workplace priorities to the back seat”. After reading this study, there are many factors that come to mind while trying to maintain my faith in the workplace on a consistent basis. I would like to strive for excellence at all times, embrace my failures, supports others, and to remember that having my job is a gift from God. Often I deal with many obstacles and tough tasks on a daily basis at the workplace. I find myself complaining, worrying about deadlines, and what input my coworkers have done to help accomplish the job. These are examples of the barriers that have stood in my way while pursuing to realize what really matters at work. Love is the highest value of the Christian faith. Spreading that love and having respect will help overcome those powerful obstacles in the workplace. “The person doing the most with what he's got is truly successful. Not the one who becomes the richest or most famous, but the one who has the closest ratio of talents received to talents used. An unsuccessful person, on the other hand, is one who didn't use the chances he or she had. He could have developed

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