United Parcel Service 's Ipo

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United Parcel Service 's IPO In any organization, financial analysis is one of the most basic parts of evaluation of a company operation in any business environment. As businesses operate, it is very important that the managers know the real environment for which a firm carries out its activities. The competitions evident in the market are substantial to the decision making process of a firm. Also, firms need to give much attention to the market forces of a particular industry to make sure that they are able to make these forces turn to their advantage. This paper will indicate the UPS 's bussiness enviroment, porter’s five forces, trends in the package delivery industry ,factors for success in the UPS 's industry, UPS 's relative strengths, the appropriate benchmark companies for valuation purposes, and the UPS 's accounting policies and methods,. The UPS company is a multinational company and this means that the company needs to give attention to the different external factors like politics, economy, social, and technology. UPS needs to give attention of the political governments of the countries within which they operate. Because of the different political instability that has been seen in some of these countries, the company must invest in the countries which are politically stable. For example, the company recently declined venture into some countries in Africa because the political ambience in these countries were quite unstable. In the event that these countries

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