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1. How should Motorola appropriately react to the emerging local brands, head-to-head competing or cooperating in some fields? Will licensing manufacturing technology to Chinese manufacturers weaken Motorola's core competency? China is the world’s largest mobile phone market. Due to the large size of the Chinese cell phone market and its potential for long-term continual growth, competition for access to China’s consumer markets is intense. For the first ten years after entering China, Motorola had no competition but now competitive threats from other multinational companies like Nokia, Siemens, Samsung, and local producers like TCL are a cause for concern within Motorola.
A few years ago local companies such as TCL and Ningbo bird
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These relationships will help manufacture mobile phones at the lowest cost, reduce the risks from currency fluctuation, and improve the ability to cater to the Chinese government requirements. Motorola should look into the expansion of its manufacturing plant in Tianjin which is one of the major global production bases in the world for personal communication products including the cell phones. This may help Motorola improve the relationships with the Chinese Government. Motorola should continue to expand the relationships and contracts with China Mobile, Cisco, and Nortel networks which have been a great positive impact on the success of Motorola in China. These ventures will allow Motorola to focus on its expertise in developing and distributing cell phone technology and products while the network infrastructure will be handled by a company who excels in that area. Also having joint ventures with Chinese telecommunication infrastructure companies like China Telecom and Unicom will put Motorola in the front seat compared to its competitors like Nokia, Samsung and Siemens. Motorola management has been struggling to improve different divisions due to overcrowded products and divisions. Splitting Motorola into two divisions – Semiconductor division and Mobile communications division, will allow Motorola to improve the leadership in these two areas by having more concentration in each division by having

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