United States Senator For Florida

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United States Senator for Florida, Marco Rubio once stated, “The Hispanic community understands the American Dream and have not forgotten what they were promised – that in the U.S., a free market system allows us all to succeed economically, achieve stability and security for your family and leave your children better off than yourselves.” Every year Hispanics search the regions of Texas in search of this very opportunity to better themselves and especially their youth. One such region is the poverty stricken region that is the Rio Grande Valley. It is a region that has begun to accept its current role as nothing more than a region of widespread poverty and undervalued skill, but there is one man who will not sit idly by and watch as this region and the Hispanics who inhabit it are characterized by benighted stereotypes and filled with cruel insults. There is one man who will work diligently to better the region. That man is Eric Garza. Garza believes, “Future opportunity exists for Hispanics to excel and advance themselves and their families” (Garza). He sees that a disheartened culture has suddenly sprung up and is on the cusp of something greater than what people believe they can achieve. Eric Garza, a prominent figure in the RGV and State of Texas, has been working to better the welfare of Hispanics since he was a teenager, through his work with The Libre Initiative and his various involvements in local and statewide communities. Garza’s journey began in the urban

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