Essay on Universal Standards of Quality

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ISO 9000
During the 1980s international trade has been increased. It created a great potential for the implementation of universal standards of quality. International Organization for Standardization (ISO) published its first set of standards for quality management called ISO 9000 in 1987 and the universal standards were seen as necessary in order for companies to be able to objectively document their quality practices around the world. The objective of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is to establish agreement on international quality standards. It currently has members from 91 countries. Main objective of the ISO is, to develop and promote international quality standards. ISO 9000 consists of a set of standards and a certification process for Organizations. Organization can demonstrate that they have met the specified standards by receiving ISO 9000 certification from international organization for standardization. The standards have gained global acceptance and are applicable to all types of companies. ISO certification has become a major requirement for doing business in many industries. Also, European Community have been adopted ISO 9000 standards as a benchmark for companies doing business in Europe. The first major changes to ISO 9000 were made in December 2000, by introducing the following new standards
 Quality Management Systems Fundamentals and Standards (ISO 9000:2000): It is the starting point for understanding the system of…