Unknown Bacteria Observation

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For the first day, I received my unknown bacteria number 110 and I stared to observe that tube. The tube has normal color, creamy, and little bit cloudy. First, I made two new slants to get the strong and alive bacteria for further text. One tube was incubated at 250C and other at 370C. Next, I started to do my Gram Stain. After I finished the smear, heat fix, and cover the slide with all chemical, I saw the pink color stick onto the slide. I knew that this bacterium is gram negative. Then, I looked up the slide though the microscope form 10X -> 40X ->oil ->100X. I saw the bacteria which have rod shape with chains and pairs. I want make sure one more time that bacteria are gram negative or positive, so I stared to set up EMB and PEA plates to get the result for the next class. …show more content…

I saw bacteria growth on both two LB tube which was incubated at 250C and other at 370C. I used one tube for the further test, and the other was incubated at 40C to keep bacteria fresh and growth for other test. On the PEA plate, unknown bacteria did not growth, and on the EMB plate, bacteria had growth very strong. The result confirms one more time the unknown bacteria was gram negative because the PEA plate inhibited DNA synthesis of gram negative so bacteria could not grow on the PEA plate. On the other hand, EMB plate inhibited growth of gram positive so my unknown bacteria grew in this. After I recorded all my result, I continued to set up several test for the next day. Next, I set up PR fermentation test which include 3 broths glucose, sucrose, and lactose. I also set up PAD and Urea

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