Unmanned Aerial Vehicle And The Air Traffic Control System

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1. What does the term “UAV” stand for? Indentify two issues that are unique to this emerging technology. “UAV” stands for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Two issues that were mentioned in the course about UAV’s were the increase of air traffic and the rights to privacy. There would need to be another program for UAV’s to fit into the air traffic control system or have another program or set of laws to regulate the routes in which these air vehicles can safely navigate the sky and not harm people and/or property. Another issue using UAV’s is the right to privacy one might invade by flying over places that is closed to the public. Since air rights are the rights that are also being challenged, when is it ok to fly over someone’s property? Many…show more content…
“Major” disputes seek to create contractual rights within an airline. “Minor” disputes develop from interpretation or application of agreements covering rates of pay, rules, or working conditions. “Minor” disputes involve controversies over the definition of an existing collective bargaining/employment agreement. For example, the issues revolving the reasoning of someone being fired is considered a “minor” issue, which must be resolved through the Railway Labor Act of 1926 .

3. Describe the benefits and drawbacks of the passenger profiling systems that emerged following the explosion of TWA Flight 800.
After the TWA 800 accident, the skepticism on profiling became evermore prominent. Following the explosion of TWA Flight 800, profiling of terrorist became a popular idea in the airline and security industry. Profiling became prominent towards Arab passengers because of recent trending news about Civil War in Afghanistan at the time and the conspiracy about TWA 800 being a terrorist attack. Association’s created more in depth x-ray machines and a list of characteristics on what should security officers should look for when having suspicion of a possible threat from a passenger. This may offend people and their right to privacy as far as how much do they need to strip down in order for you to let them through the security gate. However, it can benefit by saving a whole plane full of people by allowing the
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