Unrequited Love Is The Worst Kind Of Love

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Unrequited love is the worst kind of love. It’s a kind of love which eats away at your ability to do everyday tasks such as eating and sleeping because they only the thing you want to do is think about the other person and desperately wish that one day that person will love you back. Despite the severe depression you feel and the endless nights of crying, you make no attempt the get over the said person because for some bizarre reason, no matter how much it hurts, you want to remain in love with them. Myself, I’ve experienced unrequited love once before and it was the worse feeling ever. It was last year when I had just turned 16. I’d never had a relationship before nor was I certain of my sexuality. I fell in love with my best friend Mia after spending a lot of time with her. She had a serious boyfriend so I knew she would never want me so there was no point in telling her my feelings for her but it gave me clarity on my sexuality. But it hurt knowing she’d never be interested. After falling in love with Mia, there’s only one thing that tops it and that is my unconditional love for a serial killer.
I met Jenny Hawks 10 months ago when she coolly strutted into the Starbucks I work at after high school, mid-October time. I found her really attractive straight away, not that I am shallow person. She had long jet black hair which was tied neatly with a scrunchie, had a whole arm covered in colourful and obviously meaningful tattoos and had a small nose ring. I remember exactly…
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