Education In Australia Essay

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Upon the final completion of my university degree, I aspire to be a part of the education industry; specifically placed in to a secondary school system. This industry provides young adult teenagers with essential skills that will assist them in their future life, career and professional integrity in a functioning society. Secondary teaching continues on from the basic concepts studied in primary school, and elaborates on a student’s place in the world and how to function during adult life.
Schools in Australia can be divided up in to a few separate groups including public, private and independent education systems. These groups usually all share a nationwide curriculum, and have certain classes that every student needs to go through while …show more content…

Schools do this by promoting attendance, ensuring literacy and numerical skills are at a standard level, ensuring that indigenous students are completing year 12 and supporting indigenous students who wish to achieve higher education qualifications. (Department of Indigenous affairs, 2014) As well as the $17.5 billion in funding that the Australian government provides to public schools, the Australian government gave $23.8 million to the Flexible literacy for Remote Primary School programme, which helps all students in remote areas but assists indigenous students primarily as there are higher concentrations of aboriginal communities in remote areas. (Department of Education and Training, 2016)
The education industry encompasses many different positions, however the first and most common would be the teachers themselves. Teachers are the ones who are in direct care of the students, and provide support and guidance over their individual and combined educations simultaneously. Teaching has been around for thousands of years yet changes all the time. Educational contexts, political change, geography and international tensions have all been contributing factors to an education workplace before. It is very likely that in the future, teaching will evolve even further. The integration of technology over the recent decade has offered schools a new outlook on

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