Upsr and Pmr Examinations Should Be Abolished

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UPSR and PMR examinations should be abolished
Education is an ongoing and continuous process to develop knowledge, skills, mores and norms. Napoleon Hill states that education comes from your within, you get it by struggle, effort and thought. According to the Oxford Paperback Dictionary and Thesaurus, the word examination can be defined as the process of assigned or being responsible for marking, assessing testing and evaluating capability of a candidate according to the standards set by the Ministry. Meanwhile, the term abolishment brings denotation the act of destroying completely a practice or a system. Nowadays, we could find students are studying only for their exams. Hence, the Education director General, Tan Sri Aliimuddin Md Dom …show more content…

In the contrary, teachers totally disagree to the abolishment as they find students will lose their interest to study in school. In UPSR, students will master all the basic skills such as mathematics, languages and science in the primary level. Meanwhile, PMR is the medium for them to learn in depth advance levels of tabulating data, statistics, life sciences and so on. If public examinations are abolished, students will lose the chance to learn to master all these skills. Sociologists argue that UPSR and PMR are the stepping stones for the students towards their biggest examination, SPM. Students did only study when they are being forced and put in pressure. Unless they have exams ahead, they will be very lazy to study. I believe that students will face great difficulties when they step to Form Five as they have to cram everything at the eleventh hour. One year is not enough to learn all the subjects and this affects grades and achievement. Assuredly, their performance would be not so good if they study at the very last minute. Teachers also feel that Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) is an important tool to measure student¶s capability re stream students either to Science Stream or Arts Stream because it is impossible for all the students to be in the same stream and study comparative subjects as every student¶s ability, and choice differs.
Besides, politicians and experts in education field states their

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