Urban Change At Rio De Janeiro

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Urban Change is when an area becomes more urban, the population increases and it becomes more developed in technology, structure and transportation. For example, more buildings, technology and . Urban change has affected many countries especially Rio de Janeiro. Rio de Janeiro is one of the world 's megacities with a population over 18 million and because it’s a megacity it is a large attraction to many people that look to live in a big city.
This is causing expansion on a huge scale on the city, called urban growth. People move because of pull factors in the big city like better jobs. Some Urban migrators go for the Latin American Culture Rio de Janeiro has to offer. But because of Rapid expansion in the city there is no space left to …show more content…

Residents have slowly transformed the Favelas into a small city in itself.

Founded by the Portuguese in 1565, Rio de Janeiro is the second large city in Brazil behind Sao Paulo, another metropolis. Rio de Janeiro represents the second largest GDP in the country. Houston , Texas a city of the United States, is the most populous city in Texas. Was founded in 1836. 271 years after the foundation of Rio. “Rio de Janeiro and Houston is the world’s energy capital and Rio’s growing notoriety in this industry creates opportunity”, said mayor Parker (President of Houston). Both president share the same idea Houston and Rio de Janeiro have some things in common. The two cities has a lot of opportunities in job. First, Rio de janeiro is a beach, a lot of store dependent of the tourists. So, what it mean that some people have their own business and is easy to win money. Meanwhile, Houston is the city most populous in Texas and the fourth of the United States, a lot of immigrants go to Houston, why? The answer is easy, opportunities. If I will be an immigrant my favorite place to visit and get money are Houston. When you go to Houston you easily like the city. Both cities are a clear example of urban changes. The cities change a lot. If you see pictures of 30 years before, you easily know the difference. Yes, the technology change a lot, but before both places was rural, you never think that

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