Urban Consolidation And Its Effects On The Fringe Areas Of The City

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"Urban consolidation is the process of increasing or maintaining the density of housing in established residential areas. The ultimate aim of urban consolidation is to reduce development on the fringe areas of the city. It is often realised by densification, high-rise development and urban renewal." The process of Urban Consolidation involves an increase in the number of houses or apartments within existing areas so that they can have more efficient use of services and reduce the impact on the environment. Urban Consolidation is used as a means to reduce the total amount of land needed to house the population. Ultimately it is through the; demographics and population, changing nature of the built environment, and transport, that a study of urban consolidation in chatswood can be underaken. There are two main componetns to population change, in this case population growth. These are natural increase and migration. In 2001 Chatswood had a population of 16,006 people. This increased to 20,967 by 2011. In 2001 the fertility rate in Chatswood was 1.74, not replacement level however with a young population it meant substantial growing for the next few years. As well as this there was a surge in migration, mainly being asian immigrants. Transcript of an interview with Nicholas Murphy. When did you move chatswood "Well i 've lived in chatswood my whole life, my parents moved here in 1930 's during the great depression, it was real hard to get work so they moved here from the

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