Urban Environment Is The Natural, Built And Institutional Elements Essay

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Urban Environment is the natural, built and institutional elements that determine the physical, mental and social health and wellbeing of people who live in cities and towns.
The urban environment is more than a physically defined entity. It includes the environmental and ecological context, psycho-social structures and supports, and patterns of migration as well as all aspects of the geography and politics of cities. Hence, governance arrangements, cultural identities and related activities, housing and urban form, education, food security, health services, land use and tenure, transport, water, crime and exposure to pollutants and extreme weather events are all dimensions of urban life that are properly included in a focus on health in a changing urban environment. (Chen, 2011)

The quantitative analysis of happiness by social scientists has resulted in the development of sophisticated scales to measure individual and collective norms that include satisfaction with life as a whole as well as with various domains of life, such as health and income. And there are a number of on-going surveys that attempt to measure “happiness,” one being the Australian Unity Wellbeing Index, which has been measuring the happiness of Australians since April 2001 (see Cummins et al. 2003). It uses the Subjective Wellbeing Homeostasis management system, which suggests that we hold happiness within a relatively narrow range of values. It has been shown to be resilient. It would seem

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