Url Is The Abbreviation Of Uniform Resource Locator

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URL is the abbreviation of Uniform Resource Locator. Some call it as Universal Resource Locator. It is a web address. It refers to a web resource that specifies its location on a computer networking and a mechanism for retrieving it (Wikipedia).It says that it is the means to access an indicated resource.
The Oracle defined it as a pointer to a resource on the World Wide Web. It agrees that URL is a web resource. Epperson (2015) defined that URL is the abbreviation for the string that creates the reference to a resource. He too accepts that it is a reference to a resource.
The Webopedia defined it as the global address of documents and other resources on the World Wide Web. According to Dictionary.com URL is a protocol for specifying
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Fourthly, if URL is proper would look more professional, business would be more competitive, build online presence and more persons would do transactions. Analysts, therefore, should be careful that URLs are protected against entities that intend to use URL for malicious activities like hacking and phishing.
Almost all web sites have many web pages. Users visit these pages through URL. It identifies the content of web site (Choi, 2012). Hence, analysts should take care while creating, structuring, naming URL and managing URL is very important. Otherwise, it would be difficult and hard to get traffic to the web site. A proper systematic and organized descriptive file names and categories for the pages of web site will increase site’s visibility by indexing all pages, can increase the web site traffic and good rankings in a search engine for any given key words.
Analysts should see that the length of URL is not exceeding 2083 characters as internet explorer cannot handle it (Slegg,2015).Therefore, structure of URL is very important. One can use sub domain (www) but if Google lists URL without the www, then one can go that route. Analysts should see that URL has hyphen, no underscore; small letters , no capital, no numbers, simple super key words, short URL, printable templates for users to print web page’s content. Also he should consider URL redirects as this avoid duplicate content and
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