Url ( Uniform Resource Locator )

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URL(Uniform Resource Locator): A URL which is an abbreviated form of Uniform Resource Locator is the unique address for a file that is accessible on the Internet. A common way to access any Website is by entering the URL in the address line of the Web browser. However, any file in the website can be specified in the URL to access the same, it can either be a home page of the website, an image file related to the website or even a program such as a common gateway interface application or Java Applet. The URL contains the name of the protocol to be used to access the file resource, a domain name that identifies a specific computer on the Internet, and a pathname, a hierarchical description that specifies the location of a file on that computer. URL strings consists of three parts (Substrings): • Network Protocol • Host name or address • File or resource location These substrings are separated by special characters as follows:- protocol :// host / location URL Protocol The ‘protocol’ substring defines a network protocol to be used to access a resource. These strings are short names followed by three characters like ://. Typical URL Protocols include http://, ftp:// and mailto:// URL Host The ‘host’ substring identifies a computer or network device. Hosts come from standard databases like DNS and can be names or IP addresses. For example, compnetworking.about.com is the host here. URL Location The ‘location’ substring contains a path to one specific network
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