Use Of Ionising And Non Ionising Radiation

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M2 Uses of ionising and non-ionising radiation: Ionising Radiation: Ionising radiation include three type of waves. 1. Alpha rays 2. Gamma rays 3. Beta rays Alpha rays: Alpha particles are made up of two proton and two neutrons. As Alpha particles have two protons they are same as the nucleus of helium atom. Alpha particles have a positive charge. These type of particles are affected by the magnetic and electric field. Uses: Alpha particles are used in homes as smoke detectors. In smoke detectors the alpha rays enables the air particles to ionise which creates the movement of an electric current in the smoke detector. So, when the house accidently sets on fire, the smoke particles in the house decreases the ionisation of air particles …show more content…

Gamma rays are used to diagnose cancer, the radiation of Gamma rays is directed straight onto the effected part of the body or tissue and this process helps to kill the cancer cell present in the body. Gamma rays are also used to kill bacteria in the sterilising equipment. Gammas rays are passed through the sterilising equipment which helps to kill the bacteria and viruses. Beta rays: Beta particles have a negative charge which makes them same as electrons. The mass of beta particles is very small. The beta particles are deflected by electric and magnetic field. Uses: Beta rays are used in the paper industry to find the thickness of the paper. They rays are passed through the paper to find the paper’s thickness, if the thickness of the paper is more the more beta radiation will pass through it. A Geiger counter is used to find the amount of radiation passed through the paper and its signal helps the monitor the thickness of the paper. These rays are also used as tracers to find the age of organic materials. In some cases, the beta rays are used to diagnose cancer by directing the small quantity of rays on the effected tissues. X-rays: X rays are part of an electromagnetic spectrum. They have a shorter wavelength and high frequency. Uses: The best of x rays is that they can pass through the body without affecting the tissues or

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