Ushpizin Analysis

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In the movie Ushpizin, it follows an orthodox Jewish couple living in Jerusalem as the holiday Succoth approaches. Moshe and Mali are lacking money and supplies for the week long holiday and need nothing but a miracle from God to celebrate this holiday in just two short days. Anxious, Mali and Moshe turn to the power of prayer in which God blesses them with more than they ever needed. The day of Succoth, Moshe is visited by two convicts, one a friend of his from the past and in no hurry to leave. Moshe feeling as if their company is a blessing from God invites them to stay for the holiday. But when the two start acting up, Mali and Moshe’s are feeling tested. As things seem to be spiraling out of Moshe’s control, he believes God must be testing him in which he is rewarded at the end of the holiday. This movie is a good representation on my learnings of the Jewish religion and culture. The biggest thing that stood out to me was the representation of prayer and the law. In class we learned those two things are some of major pillars in Orthodox Judaism, in the movie these were constantly displayed. Moshe and Mali did not have the means to celebrate Succoth, so they turned to prayer in which they were blessed by God. When the convicts have over-stayed there welcome and Moshe lies to them to get them to leave, Mali uses the story of Abraham and Sara welcoming guests as an example as what God intends for…show more content…
It was easy to see the culture of not only Orthodox Jews, but of people in the middle east. I thought the scene where Mali runs out of Moshe’s and her village was really interesting because the whole time I figured it was a dated movie, but once Mali gets to the street there are big buildings and cars. It just goes to show the way Orthodox Jews believe in the law of the Lord and how they interpret the word more literally and fear God enough to keep the word, law and life the
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