Listening, Speaking And Speaking As Four Basic Skills Of Language

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In the flourishing days of communication era, an important need for human beings ,as key elements of each community, has been raised.The need to communicate with others has got such a priority that satisfying it would prepare the ground for satisfying other necessities ,such as working to make a living.The need to communicate has itself some requirements.In addition to having enough knowledge, the way to communicate still plays a crucial role.Listening, speaking, reading ,and writing as four basic skills of language, each plays a significant role in order to meet this need.Among these four elements,speaking has got a kind of conspicuous value by nature. Many scholars have paid considerable attention regarding the importance of this …show more content…

Different approaches have taken different methods and techniques to teach and improve teaching speaking, such as drilling in Audiolingual method, memorizing lists of lexical items in Grammar Translation method, or methods proposed by instructors based on their experience like role-play, picture and word cues, paper conversation, using exercises to boost learners’ self-confidence, doing theatres, reading a story and retelling it to others and so on. A brief overview of the history of approaches and methodologies in teaching English shows that” being a fluent speaker was a goal in some approaches such as the Silent Way in which near- native fluency in the target language, and correct pronunciation and mastery of prosodic elements of the Target Language are emphasized”( Richards and Rodgers 2003, p.83).In Community language learning , the learners were to repeat the target utterances without hesitation ,to support the members of the community, and become counsellor of other

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