Using Functional Behavior Assessment to Improve Classroom Management

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Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) is a systematic process for gathering information that helps determine the relationship between a student’s problem behavior and his or her environment. It is possible identify events in the environment that maintain problem behavior and, subsequently, to design a support plan for student or students. Functional Behavioral Assessment methods include reviewing student records, interviewing students and teachers, and conducting direct observations of student behaviors. Functional Behavior Assessment methods range from highly precise techniques to relatively informal one. Precise techniques can be conducted by support personnel; informal ones can be conducted by teachers. Many frustrated pre-service and…show more content…
As I have observed this teacher during my planning period, I had walked into her classroom first-hour class several minutes before the bell rings there was a group of students who have arrived early. Several of them are teasing a lone student who is crying. This student has never been a problem for any teacher that teaches him. So, after observing this, a student had come into her classroom spending all class time joking around or debating the inherent value of the lesson and assignments she is giving him. As the teacher was teaching, the student was laughing at jokes he was telling and enjoying his debates with other students. So, after the class period was over, I decided to leave and come back again other day during my planning period. So, the next day, I came in the same time, with the same class. During the first few minutes of the lesson, the same student cracks a joke about remarks he was making in class and that is it a waste of time and has no relevance to life outside of school. I can tell just by observing this teacher and the way she handles her students, implementing the Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) would be a great technique for her to use. After class was over and students are exiting the room, two students begin to argue and one pushes the other with enough force that the student falls into nearby desks. So, the teacher
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